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Our DNA BioEnergetic Technology, in all forms, appears to uniquely enhance the human bioenergetic DNA sign wave, recognized by NIH as the “BioField”, resulting in greater cell to cell communication, bioprotective effect, reduced sympathetic response and return to homeostasis.

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We are wearing "BioEnergetic Brain Caps" designed to optimize
mental performance and provide EMF protection for E-Sports.
“It works every time, with every person tested.”

Dr. Sadeo Omata, PhD
Professor, Japan University Professor, Fukushima Medical University

DNA wave-form information is best delivered or experienced via simultaneous multi-sensory applications. Ex. If someone hands you a business card, it delivers the same information as if someone handed you a box of the same business card (no greater information benefit or retention).

However if someone handed you the business card, and you read you the card, and you saw the card in a video with images and music, and you happened to smell a scent while all this was happening. Your retention or receipt of the information and thus benefit, would be vastly improved via multi-sensory experience.

Unique multi-sensory applications are available exclusively via our energetically enhanced solutions for all senses.

A user once stated, “one is amazing, two are phenomenal and three are unbelievable.”

Our unique nature based solutions have been proven by millions of satisfied users over the past 25 years in Japan. Though discovered in the U.S., with primary research and validation conducted in the U.S. the creators of this unique waveform bioenergetic delivery system, did not feel the U.S. market was ready for bioenergetic solutions until now.

Now the general population is becoming more aware of the need for bioprotective, and energy enhancing solutions for the detrimental effects of invisible environmental factors including stressors like EMF’s and other ever present wave forms adverse impact on health.

The benefits appear to be instant, consistent and continue as long as the patient or user remains in the presence of the BioEnergetic Technology. This is why we have developed environmental solutions for whole home or office, wearable solutions, edible solutions and audible solutions (music) for consistent benefit at home and on the go.

Because bioenergetic results are instant, (ex. if lights are on everyone can see, if lights are off instantly no one can see) our solutions provide an excellent diagnostic aid for identifying bio energetic deficiencies and blockages.

We are seeking innovative practitioners to help test and identify patient outcomes and potential new applications. We refer to our practitioner partners as the “Health Hero Alliance”.

We invite you to participate in evaluating our nature based, scientific solutions for optimizing health at any age. The only obligation is to provide an observational overview of findings over the next two months, and it can include your own family as you will have the technology in your own home.

Thank you for your consideration.

Carl “Buzz” Thompson